xSPECTAR Ecosystem

The xSPECTAR community is about much more than communication and innovative forms of self-expression. Crucial though that function is, our Metaverse is about building communities and allowing people worldwide to network and befriend each other. With agents able to create social spaces within the Metaverse, they can experience incredible moments with other peers and agents in the Metaverse.
The xSPECTAR Metaverse will provide entirely new economic structures. By deploying blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and the XPR Ledger, xSPECTAR will offer an innovative virtual economy. Within this ecosystem, xSPECTAR agents can buy land, build homes, and start businesses. Perhaps, more importantly, these new structures will allow agents to engage and network with others worldwide in an innovative and immersive way.
Last modified 4mo ago