NFT utility

The holders of an xSPECTAR NFT from the genesis collection will access enhanced advantages within the Metaverse ecosystem. Some of these advantages are:

Access to dedicated xSPECTAR worlds and buildings in the Metaverse

Unique worlds, or plots of land, will be reserved for the NFT holders. It will be a place where they can come together to interact, obtain access to exclusive content, vote on xSPECTAR proposals, or do business. The possibilities to expand on these exclusive plots of land are endless.

First access to new functionalities and offerings

The Genesis NFT holder will always have exclusive first access to new functionalities in the Metaverse, such as the introduction of a new part of the Metaverse or the launch of a new play and earn game. Whenever xSPECTAR initiates a new offering for a digital asset, including a land sale, NFT holders will have the right to acquire before non-NFT holders.

VIP Access to IRL events

xSPECTAR plans to host at least two worldwide IRL events. The first one was our very successful launch party in Belgium. People that hold an NFT will get VIP access to our events.

Play and Earn functionality

Owning an NFT will give agents access to Play and Earn functionalities for games in our Metaverse. The games will be playable for everyone, but holding an NFT will unlock the reward functionalities. A tier system will determine the rewards that can be earned. The more NFTs and tokens agents have in their wallets, the higher the rewards.
Last modified 7mo ago