XS Lock rewards program

xSPECTAR members will be able to lock their tokens in our new XS Lock rewards program, which we will integrate into our website.
There will be three tiers in the reward structure concerning the number of tokens that can be locked. The minimum amount that agents will need to lock is 888 tokens. The rewards offered will double when an agent locks more than 8,888 tokens. These rewards will double again should an agent lock more than 88,888 tokens.

Getting started

It is possible to have more than one lock active simultaneously, but each account can get only one of each 24-month lock reward. This means each person can get a max of six NFTs and one plot in the XS Tower when participating in both 24-month locking periods.
Join the XS Lock program on​

Less than 8,888 tokens (but always more than 888)

  • 3 months: 2.22% interest - e.g. 888 = 5 tokens rewarded
  • 6 months: 4.44% interest - e.g. 888 = 20 tokens rewarded
  • 12 months: 8.88% interest - e.g. 888 = 79 tokens rewarded
  • 24 months: 17.76% interest - e.g. 888 = 316 rewarded

More than 8,888 but less than 88,888 tokens:

  • 3 months: 4.44% interest - e.g. 8,888 = 99 tokens rewarded
  • 6 months: 8.88% interest - e.g. 8,888 = 395 tokens rewarded
  • 12 months: 17.76% interest - e.g. 8,888 = 1,579 tokens rewarded
  • 24 months: 35.52% interest - e.g. 8,888 = 6,315 tokens tokens + 1 NFT rewarded

88,888 tokens or more:

  • 3 months: 8.88% interest - e.g. 88,888 = 1,974 rewarded
  • 6 months: 17.76% interest - e.g. 88,888 = 7,894 rewarded
  • 12 months: 35.52% interest - e.g. 88,888 = 31,574 rewarded
  • 24 months: 35.52% interest - e.g. 88,888 = 63,147 tokens + 5 NFTs + 1 plot in XS Tower rewarded
Rewards will be paid out 48 hours after the end of the locked period. Removing tokens from the XS Lock will result in a forfeit of their rewards. It is always possible to unlock their tokens before the locking period ends by simple request. Early withdrawal could take up to 72 hours before being processed.
This is the wallet where all locked tokens will be stored:
Locked tokens will count in the requirement to hold 8,888 tokens for various xSPECTAR purchases.

Important XS Lock information

We have reserved a certain amount of tokens for the locking rewards; we want to point out the fact that, in many cases locking without backed-up value leads to dilution and depreciation. We are confident that with our native locking program, our product's development phases, and the mechanics, we can create an ecosystem with a sustainable economic model. We will actively monitor to find people with double accounts to give everybody a fair chance. Those with double accounts to collect more than the max two 24-month period rewards will be excluded and will not receive their rewards.
All the tokens locked through the XS Lock program will remain in the XS Lock Rewards wallet. xSPECTAR will never use the funds from our community members for expenses, collateral or any form of investment. We will always keep our community updated on any changes to our policy.
Please have a look at our updated economics page.
The XS Lock process explained